Keep these words in mind when writing your CV. Remember you have 60 seconds to catch an employer’s attention. Once s/he is interested, you will have a chance to expand on the details.

Target your CV to the job

Targeting resumes isn't just smart, it's critical. A targeted resume greatly increases your chance of being invited you for interview!

A targeted CV is a marketing tool that:

  • Addresses a specific job, clearly matching your qualifications to the job requirements. 
  • Uses powerful words to persuade and a clean design to attract interest. 
  • Highlights your strengths while downplaying factors that undermine your chances of an interview.

How to write a targeted CV

First, you build a core CV that you can use as a general template. Follow these steps to construct a targeted CV:


1. Prepare your core resume

Make a list of all the skills and work experience you can use to customize a resume. This is your base model, a resume you will never submit to an employer but a source for all targeted CVs. Use as many pages as you need.


2. Make a note of the specific job requirements

If you’re responding to a specific job, jot down the requirements listed in the ad. Don’t confuse the job duties with requirements. Deal first with the requirements.


3. Skills and Qualifications

Under Skills and Qualifications, highlight work experience and training/education that match the key job duties. 



Avoid the first person pronoun

The pronoun 'I' has no place in a resume — and for good reason: Who else would you be talking about if not yourself?

Instead of this:
I demonstrated professionalism, tact, and diplomacy towards customers at all times.
Write this:
Demonstrated professionalism, tact, and diplomacy towards customers at all times.

Instead of this:
I spent three years working on major accounts, as both a lead generator and a closer, demonstrating proven skill in organizing and managing a territory with efficiency as well as in developing customer databases.
Write this:
Spent three years working on major accounts. Generated leads and closed sales. Demonstrated proven skill in organizing and managing a territory and in developing customer databases.

Notice that the second version of each example begins with an action verb.

Or try a bulleted format:

  • Created and implemented statistical reports for large metropolitan hospital. 
  • Analyzed costs with spreadsheet software. 
  • Created database to track patient visits.

Keep your sentences short and don't worry about fragments

Leave out articles like 'a', 'an' and 'the' if possible.


Use simple English

Keep things simple. Go easy on the adjectives. Note that a single word is always better than a bulky phrase.
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