1. Don’t lie

It's often tempting, but never works! Mark Twain said: "If you tell the truth, you never have to remember anything." By all means, gloss over the less flattering moments in your career, but don't tell an outright lie. 

2. Don’t slander your current company or boss

A job interview is NOT the time to seek revenge. Bear in mind that your interviewer may well think that he's next for the chopping block! Criticizing your last boss makes you look bad, not him.

3. Don’t be rude

What's "rude"? Well, that largely depends on your audience. As a rule of thumb, though, avoid cracking jokes and being over-familiar with your interviewer: aim for polite, friendly, and professional. Bear in mind too that anyone you meet could be involved in the selection process. So blanking the receptionist or talking down to the junior members of staff could cost you the job.

4. Don’t complain

Ok, so your train journey was a living hell, but get over it before you enter the building! Complaining can set a negative tone for the interview.

5. Don’t criticize colleagues you don’t like

A key question these days is how you cope with conflict. Good interpersonal relationships are vital in the modern workplace, so resist the temptation to slate any of your colleagues. If asked about a conflict, stick to the issue and how you resolved it.

6. Don’t arrive unprepared

Re-read your CV and the job specification just before the interview. You'd be amazed how many people can't remember what they wrote on their CV. Make a list of the qualities they are looking for and prepare to demonstrate that you possess those qualities. Preparation is the key to a good interview,

7. Don’t be too nervous ....or too confident!

Staying calm at interview is easier said than done, of course! Our consultants will give you lots of tips and techniques to cope with the stress. And take comfort from the fact that it is not good to appear too confident either as the interviewer will have doubts about you fitting into a team.

8. Don’t make a weak first impression

Unfortunately, a lot of "don't want to hire them" decisions are made in the first few minutes of contact. If you make a strong first impression, the interviewer will be on your side and more inclined to overlook the occasional clanger. 

9. Don’t forget to do your homework

As a general rule, the more famous the brand, the more they will expect you to know about them. Research the company to show that you are serious about the job!

10. Don’t be too cool!

It is never a mistake to show your enthusiasm for a job. Just be careful not to appear pushy or desperate. Be truly positive when answering questions about your motivation, the reasons you want to join the company, etc.

And above all... keep smiling!