Ireland’s economy grew by a massive 7 % in 2017, making it the fastest-growing economy in Europe three years in a row! Budget 2018 was predicated on the achievement of 6.2 % GDP growth in 2017 and 4.3 per cent growth in 2018. It is now clear that growth has outstripped Government targets with the trend set to continue in 2019/20. The Quarterly National Accounts, published in December, reflect increasing output in “all business sectors”. This is Ireland's best performance since 2007 before a property crash plunged it into recession and triggered a fiscal and banking crisis. “It is quite clear that Ireland will easily top the Eurozone growth league table for the third year running,” Merrion Stockbrokers’ chief economist, Alan McQuaid, said. The job market reflects this optimism and many companies are hiring. Good news indeed for anyone looking for a job in Ireland.